Thursday, March 21, 2013

Moore's PX files regarding TTB offered on Ebay

 From this Ebay listing:
The Philadelphia Experiment has been one of the great conspiracy theories of the United States Naval Department. According to folklore, the USS Eldridge was fitted with equipment during experimentation with radar invisibility. Reportedly the ship was teleported between Norfolk, VA and Philadelphia, PA with unfortunate effects on the crew members. This can all be studied form online sources.
WIlliam Moore and Charles Berlitz published "The Philadelphia Experiment," which contained a chapter on an American scientist, Thomas Townsend Brown. It was Moore's hypothesis that TTB was involved in the Philadelphia Experiment.

The packet consists of the bulk of Moore's handwritten notes, personal correspondence and articles regarding TTB during the writing of The Philadelphia Experiment. Most of the paperwork is in good condition.

The entire file is approximately one inch thick.

Brown to Hull, pp. 6-10