Tuesday, March 30, 2010

News from The Quonset Hut

Andrew recently posted a link to my old friend Beau's handwritten 1962 rant, "Hello Stupid!" over on the Quonset Hut forum.  Much of the document is his scathing indictment of the the traditional scientific establishment's resistance to ideas they can't explain, but some of it has the forum mathematicians and engineers engaged in a spirited conjecture over the type of analytical tools he was using.

Unfortunately the  Flash player format that Kris Tyler used for presenting the document makes for impossible reading on a netbook (even with a magnifying glass in hand and a pair of reader glasses layered over prescription glasses) but if you have access to a large screen, have a go at it.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Missing Whys and Hows

Linda and I have been talking about secrets recently, and about the obligation that goes with them to protect certain identities. And yet, (I believe that) writers also have an obligation to the reader to tell the truth as we experience it.   These needs often conflict, but in the case of Linda's OWN story, the truth is that even she does not know the meaning behind some of the more  bizarre er...urm ,,unusual events that dance around her..Happily, we have a natural ending place for THE GOOD-BYE MAN, but the larger story is still unfolding in unexpected ways.

Garrity and J.D. each came back into her life for brief periods of time throughout the course of the writing of DEFYING GRAVITY, and then disappeared, leaving her pointed her toward some new direction, without a signpost in sight. They also influenced others to initiate or to continue with research into Dr. Brown's work.  From what I hear of the preliminary results in the various areas, they are looking encouraging.

But none of that is very helpful to the overall sense-making process that has to go into pulling the continuing-even-as-we-speak story together. The whys and hows of it still seem to be missing.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Roadblocks and Detours

Chapter 5 is up.  I take full credit for any typos or errors you may see, as The Astrologer has not made an editorial pass through this yet.

ETA: Technically speaking, this book is a memoir, which is something less than a full autobiography. One of the better-known blogging agents has said that memoirs should NOT identify people by their real names, which is incredibly difficult to do when the individual in question has published two books under that name.

As the clock strikes midnight we are still trying to decide whether or not it is worth it to flaunt the "rule" at this point. 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy 105, Townsend

The 18th of this month would have been Townsend's (one hundred and fifth) birthday, a day when Linda often receives special information in some form or another. The pattern ran true again but differently so this year.  Recent events sent from the realms of  high strangeness (or high consciousness or high trickery) have set up an obstacle course that only she can negotiate.

There is always the clear possibility that she/we are dealing with a master of disguise operating within an elaborate framework of deceit.  But tonight I wonder if it is not possible that we are the perpetrators of  the disguise in the way we hide ourselves from ourselves.

Thank you for your prayers.

My 82 year-old  mom, who fusses if I say she is 83 by mistake,  has had three bad falls this year, the last and worst of which occurred the night I arrived for a short visit.  She was x-rayed and blood-tested, and EEGed the next day and beyond being bruised and shaky,  the doctors do not think that she has any serious ailments.  There is, however, a high probability that she was extremely over-medicated, so she is going to try the next month au natural, if you will. The positive side of this crisis is that it forced us to talk about, and  take a practice run at, some of the geriatric care issues that we may encounter over the next 10-20 years.

I appreciate the positive energies and prayers you sent our way.

And now we will return you to our regularly scheduled programming.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I may be gone, but you're not forgotten

What was originally intended to be a short visit to see my Mom has been extended to allow me time to help with a medical crisis. All the good thoughts, prayers, and positive energy you can spare will be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ta-da! Enter Barrett!

Continuing with THE GOOD_BYE MAN, meet JD Barrett, first love and future intelligence operative.  J.D. would arise from his reported death to play an influential role in the telling of the Townsend Brown biography:


Take a bow, Mr. Barrett, wherever you are.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

EHD is alive and well.

Professor J. Reese Roth of the University of Tennessess, published: Electrohydrodynamic Flow Control with a Glow-Discharge Surface Plasma in the year 2000, his work in the field of EHD was highly classified and he was found guilty of failing to protect his research and given  received a four year sentence for (willfully) allowing secrets to fall into the hands of the People's Republic of China.
What the Chinese have done with said information may be deduced from the 2010 publication of Numerical Investigation of Plasma Active Flow Control out of the School of Jet Propulsion at Beijing University.

EHD has been the open secret of propulsion research for some time. This excerpt from an Air Force Research Lab press release, AFRL Proves Feasibility of Plasma Actuator, describes the  applications of it for propulsion purposes:
AFRL is laying the groundwork to develop revolutionary hypersonic aerospace vehicles. Researchers are examining the feasibility of replacing traditional mechanical actuators, which move like wing flaps to control an air vehicle's flight control surfaces, with plasma actuators that require no moving parts and are more reliable.
As part of its Boundary Layers and Hypersonics program, AFRL conducted a wind tunnel test to evaluate the feasibility of using plasma actuators for airframe flight control. The Boundary Layers and Hypersonics program is developing the knowledge of fluid physics to facilitate future revolutionary aerospace vehicle designs."

Another applied variant of EHD  principles led to an ion propulsion (IP) method, ideal for  in-spaace propulsion (as opposed to hypersonic flight within the earth's atmosphere). Apparently this technology has been known to be feasible since the first  working ion thruster engine was  developed by Harold Kaufman at Cleveland's NASA Glenn Research Center  in 1960.

And all of this relates to Townsend, how?

Well, in  the summer of 1953, Townsend was in Cleveland, reportedly reviewing the newly uncovered notes of Charles Fuller Brush. .That autumn, he called upon GE to make a presentation of  what has been presumed to be Wintherhaven....never mind that I think the Winterhaven document that is in public domain was a decoy for counterintelligence purposes. Anyway GE found something or another of such value in his work that they turned it over to their Washington office to push through. (summation of Townsend correspndence with Jo of that year)

Now I'm not saying that any of this is connected but by the time we launched our first satellites 4 years later, GE was the prime contractor for the CIA/NRO satellite contracts and Brush Materials of Cleveland,  the manufacturer of composites that would be used for re-entry vehicles. 

"Radar Material," that  stuff was called  when it was first appended to the name of the Atlantic Fleet Radar school back in 1941.  Scientists were just then discovering that properly engineered material could bend, absorb, and reflect the pings of incoming radar. They had no idea that it could also be used in more active applications.

Townsend Brown was the handpicked head of that school back then . Its name changed, first from the Atlantic Fleet Radio School to the Radar School to the Radar and Materials school with just a few months. And then Townsend 'left' the navy and moved right down the street from the Army Radar Command on Wonderland Ave. Sometimes chains of coincidences aren't.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Meet Dr. Gee

You will want to read the entire two-part article about Scott and Susan Ramey's conclusions after ten years of investigation of the  Aztec (New Mexico) UFO crash.   For now let's just start with this bit of quote from Frank Scully's 1950 book on the topic. Keep in mind that the mysterious Dr. Gee was rumored to be the researcher called in to investigate the crashed craft.
I met a man of science whose contemporaries rated him the top magnetic research scientist in the United States. He had more degrees then a thermometer, and had received them from such diverse institutions as Armour Institute, Creighton University, and the University of Berlin. He is the scientist called Dr. Gee.

He had been assigned to direct a division of top scientists during the war. Their task was to knock submarines out of the seven seas . ... They worked out of two laboratories and had a budget of one billion dollars at their secret command.
Townsend had told Linda that one of his duties, while on his 1938 active duty cruise, was to oversee the loading of several tons of British gold aboard a US bound Navy ship.  Linda has also been told that some of the gold was to fund the establishment of his (Brown's) private laboratory which would carry out stepped-up defense  (and communications) research. 

Continuing to quote from the linked article:

In point of fact, there was indeed a division of scientists involved in anti-submarine warfare during the war years—it was "Division 6" of the "OSRD..."

"Division 6" (sub-surface warfare) of the OSRD was headed by an individual that very much fits the description of Dr. Gee, or at least one of the collective. [Scully would later say that Dr. Gee was a blended character, made of a select group of scientists.] Its primary facility was the "Airborne Instruments Laboratory" (AIL) of Mineola, New York. Moreover, he indeed directed a division of "magnetic scientists" as stated in the book.

One of the devices developed by "Division 6" was the "Magnetic Anomaly Device" (MAD), the origins of which were borne by the "oil industry," more specifically in the exploration thereof. After the design was completed, GSI (Geophysical Service Inc.), the predecessor of "Texas Instruments," mass-produced them for the war effort.
Townsend's service records that show that he was working in  magnetic minesweeping  research and design throughout 1939-41.  On March 29, 1941, travel orders directed Lt. Brown, USNR, to visit the National Geophysical Co. of  Morgan City, LA and Dallas, TX for the purposes of examining "equipment to be used in conjunction with mine sweeping problems and to investigate manufacturing facilities."

And what does this prove? Feel free to draw your own conclusions.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More Sarbacher

 FM No Static dug up a good bit of information about Dr. Sarbacher quite some time ago and posted it in the original TTB forum. If you are not familiar with the man, you might want to look in on that thread.

Power Outage at the Quonset Hut.

The Quonset Hut forum is still down as of noon PST.
For the Hutmaster who is struggling heroically to get it up and going again:

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

White Sands, V2 Rockets, UFO's and Dr. Robert Sarbacher

"New research reveals that the V-2's also somehow "attracted" UFOs- and that our military even purposely cast up V-2's that were mounted with cameras to take motion pictures of the discs! A world-famous physicist, a former state congressman, an expert radar operator and a government atmospheric scientist all confirm: flying saucers were drawn to the V-2's and were filmed by the pernicious projectiles- and there may well have been a Roswell crash."

More information, along with a bio of Dr. Sarbacher who is mentioned briefly here on this blog,  and again  here in The Good-bye Man

The Preface: It's in again

The part of the book we call the Preface  has been in and out. Now it is in again.

Linda first found what she calls the " Rain on the Window" papers in the Ashlawn library when she was just a teenager. It was raining then, too, and she was in search of something to read. She remembers that the loose manuscript read like a science fiction story, but the pages didn't keep her interest for very long.  Nor did the story grab her when she encountered it again years later.. But for the seemingly  prophetic message written on one of the pages, the R.O.W.  paperswould have  been left them out of the story all together. Today, however, the Preface is in again.  As mysterious as  that message and those pages are, as inexplicable as the circumstances around them are, we can't NOT mention them. And so, for today, at least, the Preface is in again.