Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thank you, Ralph Steiner, Whitley Strieber, Hank Mills, Sterling Alllen and George Noory, in absentia

 From an interview with Ralph Steiner, taken by Whitley Strieber on Coast to Coast AM radio on December 27, 2011 and transcribed by the fine folks at Pure Energy Systems Network.
Thomas Townsend Brown was another inventor who came up with many different technologies. His focus for many years was on "electrogravitics", or manipulating gravity with the use of high voltage electric fields. He built disks that were basically very high grade capacitors. When charged with high voltage electricity (50,000 volts or more), they would produce an artificial gravitational field around themselves, and move towards their positive pole. He performed many demonstrations in which large, heavy disks were charged up with high voltage DC power, and spun around the pole they were tethered to at very high speeds. Objects inside of the disks were claimed not to experience inertial effects. For example, small and fragile glass vials placed inside of the disks would not break, despite the fact calculations showed they should.

The military was so interested in his work, an official report was even composed about how his technology could be used to develop faster than sound fighter aircraft. This report was not discovered until many years later, and may have never been meant for the public to see.

Although the full story of his life is complicated, it strongly seems like he was forced out of electrogravitics research. However, even after his death, individuals in the private sector are working on electrogravitics and are trying to replicate his work. In secret, the military could have very well continued the research, combining it with information gathered from crashed extraterrestrial space craft, such as the one that was obtained from near Roswell, NM in 1947. Most of the "UFOs" we see in the sky are probably not extraterrestrial, but are our own experimental craft being tested. Perhaps they are not experimental any more. The government has had over sixty years to develop the technology after all!

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