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My writing partner for my other historical project had a strange dream in which she clearly saw the word "Browmil" written.  Thinking that it is a message from the Collective Unconscious, I have been searching for variations on it.

Wicki thinks this "Brownmillerite" is an interesting one, although only a chemist is likely to know why. Anyway, I am posting this in the expectation that it means something to someone in this quantumly entangled world.

Brownmillerite is a mineral with an interesting structure. Its chemical formula is Ca2(Al,Fe)2O5. It is named for Lorrin Thomas Brownmiller (1902-1988), chief chemist of the Alpha Portland Cement Company, Easton, Pennsylvania.

The Brain is Boggled

Approximately $6.6 billion in cash was likely stolen after being flown to Iraq during the months that followed the U.S.-led invasion....

The Pentagon admitted last year that it could not account for over $8.7 billion in Iraqi reconstruction funds, and that about $2.6 billion of it was sent out without any documentation at all.
A billion here, a billion there...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Be Safe, Kiwi Friends

Battered Christchurch has been hit again, this time with a 5.5 quake.. Check in when you can, South Islanders.


This quote is from a packet of source documents pertaining to the creation of "Advanced Intelligence Centers in the U.S. Navy.


Subject: Radio Intelligence Organization

June 20, 1942

Through the piping times of peace extending over a period of some twenty odd years Radio Intelligence struggled and was never allowed out of the closet. Politically it was illegal to have such an organization and for anyone to devote his time to the subject was committing professional suicide.

Now that the war is in being, many activities are desirous of having a finger in the pie....
The author (Naval Officer, Joseph Redman, assistant to the the Admiral in charge of Naval Communications) goes on to discuss the logical command authority for such a new form of intelligence collection, saying "Radio Intelligence cannot thrive and function efficiently except under the direct control of Naval communications."  He gives the following reasons:

  • All Kana trained operators came from Naval Communications
  • The intercept equipment was specified, procured, and maintained by Naval Communications.
  • Only those familiar with such equipment and operation could perform Traffic Analysis
  • The Direction Finding organization was entirely a matter of radio communications
  • Naval Communications was knowledgeable in the communications network and world-wide crytographic aids used to facilitate the exchange of information.
  • Emerging disciplines being developed within Naval Communications included:
    • "TINA" unexplained acronym, described as the identification of radio operators by the characteristics of their hand-sending, a process involving "tape recordings, accurate measurements and mathematical analysis"
    • RFP; radio fingerprinting, identification of enemy transmitters
    • Distance measuring to enemy transmitters by use of ionospheric data.

Townsend's particular expertise would have been needed for the last of the three disciplines listed above.  Redman said it consisted of mathematical computations which were enhanced by "complete knowledge of the performance of the radio waves which vary through the period of the sunspot cycle, the seasons and diurnal changes." 

The author went on to say, "these functions are new and being developed here', but they nucleus of two trained units was being transferred to the operational commands in the Pacific. Bet ya dollars to dinars that Townsend's soon-to-follow separation from the Atlantic Radar School (and ostensibly, from the U.S. Navy) was somehow connected to this new organization.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

For those who care....or wanna make something of it.

Looks like a private network to me. AFIK, I'm not on it.

OrgName: UUNET Technologies, Inc.
Address: 22001 Loudoun County Parkway
City: Ashburn
StateProv: VA

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Progressing toward Perfection.

Having at last achieved the 'fresh eyes' needed to reread The Good-bye Man objectively, I can now see many sentences that could be streamlined or clarified. Yayee! The best part of writing is this stage of  putting the final, final, final finis on the words.

This newer and cleaner version will be up Monday, and will  mirror the forthcoming print edition.  If you own the ebook, you can, of course, always download later versions at no charge.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kingman, 1953

Every time the Roswell Crash gets revived, the Kingman story is never far behind.  This dramatized version of Arthur Stancil's account has prompted me to revisit my last post on the topic.

Today, I tend to think that all of the Townsend pointers are simply the legacy of his "hide in plain sight" philosophy.  Even Keyhoe's book cover seems to be saying "This is the Birthplace of the Hoaxed UFO stories."  As always,  what interests me the most is what these hoaxes were created to hide.