Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Anti-antigravity Man

Linda reports that she was surprised  that she had to stop and think about how to answer when someone asked her "Who was Townsend Brown?"  

The Townsend Brown I know was a scientist first, a spook secondly, and a family man in the time left over to him. Those who follow his scientific work  sum it up as 'electrogravitics,' but he also worked extensively with electrohydrodynamics and has been quoted as saying that the (EHD) technology could be tweaked for propulsion, communications, and power generation.  (Reported in Defying Gravity, the Parallel Universe of T.Townsend Brown).  Perhaps  Townsend understood all of those  tweaks, but they are beyond the reach of most of us -- although that fact never stops me from speculating about the subject and since I see one (small) part of his legacy in today's plasma actuator technology used for subsonic drone and spacecraft propulsion.

Another answer to this same question, often given by those who know his name but not his work is that he was the Antigravity Man. But Townsend never used nor liked that term, so  I prefer to think of him as the Anti-antigravity Man.

On a more down-to-earth but related note, John Reese Roth began serving his  sentence recently.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

No, No, I don't Wanto go.

A few years ago there was an Internet Meme

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A BookNote

Book formatting has got me in a half-nelson and I surrender. Time to call in the professional formatters who can put text, photos, footnotes, and bibliography all together for a print version of The Good-Bye Man. 

And dare we ask for  all of that in a Kindle version?.


Note to Linda:
Sell more dogs.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thank you, Ralph Steiner, Whitley Strieber, Hank Mills, Sterling Alllen and George Noory, in absentia

 From an interview with Ralph Steiner, taken by Whitley Strieber on Coast to Coast AM radio on December 27, 2011 and transcribed by the fine folks at Pure Energy Systems Network.
Thomas Townsend Brown was another inventor who came up with many different technologies. His focus for many years was on "electrogravitics", or manipulating gravity with the use of high voltage electric fields. He built disks that were basically very high grade capacitors. When charged with high voltage electricity (50,000 volts or more), they would produce an artificial gravitational field around themselves, and move towards their positive pole. He performed many demonstrations in which large, heavy disks were charged up with high voltage DC power, and spun around the pole they were tethered to at very high speeds. Objects inside of the disks were claimed not to experience inertial effects. For example, small and fragile glass vials placed inside of the disks would not break, despite the fact calculations showed they should.

The military was so interested in his work, an official report was even composed about how his technology could be used to develop faster than sound fighter aircraft. This report was not discovered until many years later, and may have never been meant for the public to see.

Although the full story of his life is complicated, it strongly seems like he was forced out of electrogravitics research. However, even after his death, individuals in the private sector are working on electrogravitics and are trying to replicate his work. In secret, the military could have very well continued the research, combining it with information gathered from crashed extraterrestrial space craft, such as the one that was obtained from near Roswell, NM in 1947. Most of the "UFOs" we see in the sky are probably not extraterrestrial, but are our own experimental craft being tested. Perhaps they are not experimental any more. The government has had over sixty years to develop the technology after all!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dream Works: The Tapestry

Earthboppin's Dreams/Visions/Prophecy Forum is one of the  few boards that I check on a daily basis. A handful of gifted precognitive dreamers have posted there since earthquake predictor Jim Berkland changed his site, their former gathering place, to a for profit operation. One of their most  visionary dreamers is a  M.C. Young.

Many of  her dreams continue to repeat themselve and from time to time she reposts them as part of what she calls "The Tapestry." They seem to  be part of a  bigger picture which has been set in motion,  but has not yet played out. The name comes from a dream of a large sailing vessel first posted in 2006 and again in the thread linked below.

...standing upon the beach looking up at this enormous vessel as it sat half on land and half in the water. It was much, much larger than it looked from my view above it. This vessel was the size of a modern day oil tanker, like the EXxon Valdez.....
Only this vessel I saw was completely black, appeared very ancient, and was amazingly large.

The one with me said, "This Ship is symbolic of a Global Alliance. The Sea is symbolic of many peoples and many nations. This ship has been tended by unseen hands which symbolize the nature of the Storm upon the Sea."

I did not understand this last sentence and said so.

....Then this one with me said, "Go look at the "Tapestry" and pay close attention to the larger picture. Remember what you see here."

I imagine Linda will  have a post about this up in the Cosmic Token soon. In many ways, it resembles a vision of her own that led to the design of the ship logo used for the Resolute, a forum which is closed to registration for the time being.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mrs. Friedman's Coasties

A few posts ago,  I mentioned "Mrs. Friedman" and her Coasties; radiomen and cryptographers who tracked and broke coded communications between bootleggers and smugglers during prohibition.