Saturday, December 17, 2011

Of Spooks and Sock Puppets

Oh dear.

I am feeling moved to make a comment on the Linda-Mikado situation. Here it is:

I am absolutely certain that Mikado knows [and has always known]  more than he cops to, beyond what he has admitted about his own use of sock puppet characters. (Merlin, Ridgerunner, Bulwark, for those keeping score).

I am also absolutely certain that he is wrong when he claims that Linda has no spooky friends.  She does and I could tell you how I know that but then they would have to kill me.

 She is also well aware that some of those friends, the ones who seem to be helping to push her Dad's story forward, might actually be using her father's  Lifework as counterintelligence bait. If so, then it is fitting, she says, since (we have been told) Townsend was an instrumental part of many CI operations.* 

THERE! That should hold me on this topic for several months now.

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