Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Anti-antigravity Man

Linda reports that she was surprised  that she had to stop and think about how to answer when someone asked her "Who was Townsend Brown?"  

The Townsend Brown I know was a scientist first, a spook secondly, and a family man in the time left over to him. Those who follow his scientific work  sum it up as 'electrogravitics,' but he also worked extensively with electrohydrodynamics and has been quoted as saying that the (EHD) technology could be tweaked for propulsion, communications, and power generation.  (Reported in Defying Gravity, the Parallel Universe of T.Townsend Brown).  Perhaps  Townsend understood all of those  tweaks, but they are beyond the reach of most of us -- although that fact never stops me from speculating about the subject and since I see one (small) part of his legacy in today's plasma actuator technology used for subsonic drone and spacecraft propulsion.

Another answer to this same question, often given by those who know his name but not his work is that he was the Antigravity Man. But Townsend never used nor liked that term, so  I prefer to think of him as the Anti-antigravity Man.

On a more down-to-earth but related note, John Reese Roth began serving his  sentence recently.

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