Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Book Report

"I read THE GOOD-BYE MAN during my somer vacatshun. It was good. it would have been better If it would have had sum pitchers "

Can you tell that Linda and I are back in elemetary school right now?

If you recall,  the Brown family had returned to Zanesville and that is where we last left off with the story. However, after mulling over the feedback from our sterling critics and talking it over, Linda and I have decided to back up and take another approach to that  previously published  Chapter Eight: Joseph Townsend Brown . The first part of it has been revised to include some vital information about an event that occurred before the family's departure from Hawaii, information that Linda would not learn until many years had passed.

The next two chapters are up now as well; albeit minus The Astrologer's last pass and editorial fine tuning. They are as perfect as these bleary eyes can make them.

Chapter Nine The Embassy Laundry

Chapter Ten: Helen Towt, Lessburg, Montressor

If you are a completely new reader please note that I have also added chapter links to the left hand column, to make it easier for you to access them individually.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Bearing Witness

These days most of the threads over at the Quonset Hut either take off into mathematical realms or dive  into the ponderment of the Mystery of the Green Eyed Man, the essence of which is this:

Is the green-eyed ex-hippy who professes to have fried his brains on acid, (and yet is still sharp enough to hold his own in chess games with Mikado) the very same JD who has guided the development of the  Linda & Townsend books through his direct and personal intervention?

The most simple, and grounded in reality answer  is: Yes, this chess player is indeed this same person with a foolproof cover identity.. After all, who pays attention to the comings and goings of the odd loners of the world? But, in keeping with the overall nature of this Townsend Brown story, nothing is ever simple, and  we have many shades of answers to the Mystery of the Green Eyed Man under consideration right now.  By and large, ours is a level headed bunch of analysts and engineers all educated (over-educated, some might say) in the scientific tradition of rational positivism.  We do not put forth "alternate reality" theories lightly, but we are not dismissive of them either. If  Mikado's best observational and intuitional skills tell him that there is more than one physical copy of this  JD walking the earth, then it is our scientific duty to ask when, why and how this came to be?

But for now, all any of us can say is that it has to be YOUR call, Mikado, to tell us just how anomalous you feel the situation is.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sixes and Sevenses

I'm all sixes and sevenses right now. I don't actually know what that means, except that I learned to write from reading old English novels.  I fancy that it means that I am in a quandary. Chapters Six and Seven of The GOOD-BYE MAN are up.

Chapter Seven leaves the Brown family in Hawaii.  Those of us who know Linda's story know that a huge event happened there, something that shaped the family history for the next five years.  Those of you who don't will just have to "wait for it." But if it is any comfort, I am SO tempted to blogblab what I know about that event here, now,  Maybe I will after we get the Return to Zanesville chapter up.