Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dream Works: The Tapestry

Earthboppin's Dreams/Visions/Prophecy Forum is one of the  few boards that I check on a daily basis. A handful of gifted precognitive dreamers have posted there since earthquake predictor Jim Berkland changed his site, their former gathering place, to a for profit operation. One of their most  visionary dreamers is a  M.C. Young.

Many of  her dreams continue to repeat themselve and from time to time she reposts them as part of what she calls "The Tapestry." They seem to  be part of a  bigger picture which has been set in motion,  but has not yet played out. The name comes from a dream of a large sailing vessel first posted in 2006 and again in the thread linked below.

...standing upon the beach looking up at this enormous vessel as it sat half on land and half in the water. It was much, much larger than it looked from my view above it. This vessel was the size of a modern day oil tanker, like the EXxon Valdez.....
Only this vessel I saw was completely black, appeared very ancient, and was amazingly large.

The one with me said, "This Ship is symbolic of a Global Alliance. The Sea is symbolic of many peoples and many nations. This ship has been tended by unseen hands which symbolize the nature of the Storm upon the Sea."

I did not understand this last sentence and said so.

....Then this one with me said, "Go look at the "Tapestry" and pay close attention to the larger picture. Remember what you see here."

I imagine Linda will  have a post about this up in the Cosmic Token soon. In many ways, it resembles a vision of her own that led to the design of the ship logo used for the Resolute, a forum which is closed to registration for the time being.

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