Monday, June 14, 2010

A Sense of Hope revisited

Back from a visit to the Gulf Coast and now with time to reread my last jabber, I see it was very thataholic. Now I have time to write like a sane person, so I will try to improve on it:

Somewhere there is a well-hidden  key to the totality of the Townsend Brown story. Those of us who have followed the story from its very beginning think it is not meant to stay hidden much longer, however, and we believe that each of us has a part to play in arriving at the cumulative answer, whatever that may be.

But even over and above The Quest, the best part of the story is that there is something in it that makes us all feel hopeful and hope is a potent motivator, particularly in these seemingly dark times. As my friend Arc says:

If you can stimulate a sense of adventure and inspiration, and leave the world with a sense of hope... then I think you have accomplished something that leaders, nations and empires... struggle to do. 

                                                                    Quonset Hut, June 14

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That's it precisely.