Friday, June 11, 2010

Nothing Succeeds Like a Web Page. Except, Maybe Several Web Pages

New world spymaster, Sir William Stephenson, architect of American and Canadian intelligence programs during WW II, once said, "Nothing succeeds like a document," Sir William's crack forgery team would now have to include a whole army of graphics web designers and html programmers. 

Today I was searching for background information on a scientist who seems to be prominent in his field and very well connected. I found lots of web references to him, but none in Google News, nor in Google Scholar. I am leaning toward thinking that he is a composite personality who is used to release stories into society at large. At any rate the search led me to this quote attributed to Destin Figuier:

The future is listening!

I cannot find out a bean's worth of information about Destin Figuier except that he is also famous for saying, "It's hard to defeat a woman in love." What a wise man you are, Destin!

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