Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Bibliography in the Borning.

I found a mother lode at The Cactus Wren used book store yesterday.  Since I came away from the Strand Bookstore in Manhattan with only 2 books last month, I wasn't expecting much of a little strip mall shop in the high desert.  The owner showed me his section on WWII and then apologized for not having much on the Cold War...just a few shelves on espionage! 

I came home with a large enough haul to convince myself that it is time to start working on my Bibliography before it becomes a completely onerous chore. At some future date, I will include library books and ebooks, and perhaps hyperlink and annotate them as well.  But today I  am doing well to get the list of hardbound and paperbacks that I actually own together.

Bahnson, Agnew H. THE STARS ARE TOO HIGH. Bantam, NY 1960

Bamford, James. THE PUZZLE PALACE. Pengine, NY 1982

_______. BODY OF SECRETS. Anchor, NY 2002

_______. THE SHADOW FACTOR. Anchor, NY 2009
Bank, Aaron. Col. USA Ret. FROM OSS TO GREEN BERETS Presidio Novato 1986

Bergier, Jacques. SECRET WEAPONS, SECRET AGENTS. Panther, London, 1958.

Conant, Jennet. TUXEDO PARK. Simon and Shuster

Burrows, William E. DEEP BLACK Berkley edition / December New York. NY  

Canan, James WAR IN SPACE, Berkley, NY 1984

Carey, Ken THE STARSEED TRANSMISSIONS. Harper, San Francisco, 1982

Conant, Jennet. TUXEDO PARK. Simon and Shuster

Gerard, Phillip. SECRET SOLDIERS. Penguin, NY 2003.

Gup, Ted THE BOOK OF HONOR. Anchor, NY 2001


Haney, Eric L. INSIDE DELTA FORCE, Bantam Dell, NY; 2002

Hyde, H. Montgomery. SECRET INTELLIGENCE AGENT. St. Martin's, NY 1982

Marchetti, Victor and Marks, John D. THE CIA AND THE CULT OF INTELLIGENCE Dell, NY 1974

Miller, Russell. BEHIND THE LINES. Penguin, NY 2002

Moon, Tom. THIS GRIM AND SAVAGE GAME. Da Cappo Press, USA 2000

Pauwels, Louis and Bergier, Jacques. THE MORNING OF THE MAGICIANS 

Sanderson, Ivan T INVISIBLE RESIDENTS The World Publishing Company 1970 

Schanabel, Jim. REMOTE VIEWERS Dell, NY 1997 

Schlafly, Phyllis; Ward, Chester. STRIKE FROM SPACE. Pere Marquett, Illinois, 1965

Seidel, Tony. COLD WAR SPOOKS. iUniverse, Nebraska, 2006.

Smith, Russell Jack. THE UNKNOWN CIA. Berkley NY 1992

Sontag, Sandra; Drew, Christopher, with Drew, Annette Lawrence. BLIND MAN's BLUFF Harper, NY 1999

Spence, Richard B. TRUST NO ONE. Feral House, LA 2002.

Stafford, David. CAMP X. Dodd, Mead & Co. New York, 1987

STRATEGIC INTELLIGENCE . Eds. Johnson, Lock K.. and Wirtz, James J. Roxbury, Los Angeles, 2000

Taubman, Philip. SECRET EMPIRE, Simon and Schuster, NY 2003

Wallace, Robert; Melton, H. Keith and Schlesinger, Henry R. SPYCRAFT Penguin Books Ltd. London 2008 






















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