Thursday, October 13, 2011

First was ARPA, then came DARPA, and now we have --tada --IARPA!

Prophecy by gestalt data base analyses is the only way I can describe this Intelligence Data Analysis procurement program reported on in today's NYT. 

Washington about that latest advanced research acquisition agency, huh?


Anonymous said...

Hello Jan
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It looks like this topic has been kicking around for a while...
Human Social and Cultural Behavior Modeling Workshop
July 28-30 2008
National Defense University

Introduction to the July HSBC Conference
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Anonymous said...

Re your blogg
A few words that you may or may not wish to add to your blogg.. and repost your Adamski quotes..

To discredit something that does not exist, leaves one looking foolish.

To discredit something that might exist, labels one a proverbial hoaxer.

To discredit something that does exist, takes a complex mix of intricately crafted misdirection and ongoing deception, and people who are willing to play the role of sacrificial lamb in order to cover with apparent charlatan actions a deeper and more fundamentally solid truth. Such people must be acknowledged for their contribution in holding the gate closed while the press stalked the streets, ignorant of the mechanics of a good story, floating beneath their very nose.

In tribute to G.Adamski, another keeper of the flame.

A Rose by any other name... said...

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