Monday, October 24, 2011

Close Encounters of the Weird Kind

A very long time ago before I understood the limitation of using rationalist thinking to find a Unified Field Theory of UFOdom I was a card carrying MUFON member. I have since given all of that up,  and tend to agree with Jacques Valle that "the UFOs are physical manifestations impossible to understand outside their psychic and symbolic reality. We are not witnessing an invasion of beings from elsewhere. It is a spiritual system that acts on humans and uses humans." (I would like to thank Jose Antonio Caravaca whose UFO Mimetic and the Theatre of Deception: the 1966 William Laxton Incident is responsible for bringing that apt quote to my eyes again.)

Howsumever, I also believe that many of the more famous contactee cases were theatrical manipulations carried out by the US Intelligence community.  In The Pied Pipers of the CIA, Phillip Coppens makes strong claims in this regard, and this refrain is picked up again in Contactees or Secret Agents? by Nick Redfern.

I believe the sunspot explanation only on alternate Tuesdays.

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