Friday, October 14, 2011

About those Cites

For those who missed it, the citation list below contains not one, but two, papers published with NASA blessings:

Assymetrical Capacitors for Propulsion. Francis X. Canning, Cory Melcher, and Edwin Winet Institute for Scientific Research, Inc., Fairmont, West Virginia, NASA/CR—2004-213312. October 2004
This (apparently exploratory) study was then followed by:

Force Characterization of Asymmetrical Capacitor Thrusters in Air.  TJ Drummond, Frontiers of Propulsion Science  (eds: Marc G. Millis, NASA Glenn Research Center Eric W. Davis, Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin ) Published by AIAA, © 2009
It appears that these studies were inspired by the meticulous work of Bahder and Fazi in Force on an Asymmetrical Capacitor, published in 2002. All serious researchers into the Biefeld-Brown effect should start with that document, and Townsend's summary report on his many years of research.  Serious students in the life of Townsend Brown need to go much deeper in order to get to know the man inside the enigma.

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