Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Townsend, Project AZORIAN, Project DUMAND, and Project JENNIFER

To continue with the Project Azorian discussion I started yesterday, the reason we knew exactly where the Soviet Submarine sank was because we had the Pacific Ocean wired by then.  Signal scooping had come a very long way since the base at Barking Sands was reactivated in 1947-48 and converted to a big U.S. ear on the Pacific rim.

My second foundational belief about what Townsend did after WWII (with the work on Kaui being the root from which all else sprang) is based on something Mr. Twigsnapper has said: Townsend had a vital interest in communications security. I believe he was instrumental in the establishment of the Navy's COMSEC group and for tucking them away on an air force base in San Antonio,Texas, where no one would think to look. And conveniently removed from Admirals.

Poor Townsend suffered greatly in his life because of abysmally bad security. He lost his finger because of it,  he saw his work at Pearl Harbor sold out to a Soviet mole because of it, and knowledge of his work at Martin Decker ended in Soviet hands because of it, when imprisoned British spy, George Blake, managed to escape..

So, Townsend would have played a large part in creating  a sophisticated and secure communications network and in the expansion of it afterward. He would also have played a large part in the creation of the communication signals network used by the Azorian project. Aaaand,  from my reading of the DUMAND papers, its first sensors were supported by the physical infrastructure of the network. Or at least they were, until, as Townsend would later tell Linda, the fish ate them.

But to my knowledge the  true code name for the entire Azorian project was not released before 2010. Until then, those who were aware of the secret mission  knew only that Townsend was involved in it and that it was named "Project JENNIFER; as his private salute to the birth of his granddaughter. But the NSA article indicates that JENNIFER was a separate but overlapping project, and one which seems to be more inline with Townsend's interests.
Security policy and procedures were in accordance with the basic _____ agreement, which placed security management responsibility for the new security system, code-named JENNIFER, with the Dirctor of Security, CIA, acting for the DCI. The Director of Security in turn, delegated everyday security responsiblity to the Chief of the _________ at CIA and directed him to establish compartmentation procedures to insulate JENNIFER data from data relating  to other programs.

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