Thursday, February 24, 2011

Preparing for the Ebook World

More than one of the Brown Crowd (readers and/or historical and scientific researchers)  have told me they will be buying an ebook reader this year.  I am happy to hear that but prospective buyers need to be forewarned: Research the battery life of any ereaders under consideration  before buying.  The best so far, is the  the Apple Ipad with something like 9 hour life.

I was a stage 2 early adapter who selected a Foxit eSlick specifically for its ability to handle .pdf files, which is the format of scanned historical documents. Unfortunately, this brand starts to fade after two-three hours of constant use. I will have to live with this limitation since Foxit has now bowed out of the ereader business, but surely those of you who are still shopping can do better.

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