Sunday, February 20, 2011

"The GoodBye Man" Publication Plans

Apparently, I am not meant to be posting on the Quonset Hut right now, or I would not manage to lock myself out of my account on a consistent basis. This state of affairs will probably be a very good thing for my work schedule, as Linda and I are aiming to release the e-book version of THE GOOD-BYE MAN  within the next few weeks.

For our working cover, we have been using the Astrologer's tweak of the  artwork from PeeTee, who offered up his tweak on the work from Geoff and Kestrel. Look for a cover change in the new edition. Guys, when you get this message, would you send me the jpeg of the coin, spinning in from the right, stripped of the "book" behind it? Smashwords says:"The ideal cover image is a vertical rectangle shape (like a book) with approximate dimensions of 500 pixels wide by 700 pixels tall. Images cannot be square or three dimensional."

Look for the SMASHWORDS EDITION March 18, 2011!

Thanks, rose
(email to addy in previous post)

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