Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Paying it forward

Information has an odd way of traveling in the Townsend Brown world. It is, very often, less about what one knows than about what one shares. FF Arc wrote to say that he appreciated the odd links I posted a few days ago. In return he has sent me a 2010 piece on Townsend Brown's Battery:
To create Townsend Brown's Battery a high dielectric was melted with a metal oxide or carbide (he indicated Tungsten Carbide was the best he found). This was exposed to a high voltage during the cooling processes on the battery electrodes. This process seemed to create a constant low voltage that would not cease (~1V). The leads could be put into a small resistance short circuit for weeks without losing its charge.
I am putting the link up here as a means of paying it forward to young researchers who are just now discovering the formerly hidden science of Townsend Brown. Go forth and do wondrous things, my children.


bo said...


i remember when Dr Browm was in Chapel Hill NC for a few months he was very old. Do you still have the photos of the pine apples that were grown in the Canadian artic or the rock (obsidien) that he had on his desk with a volt meter attached that would give off voltage 24 hr a day? They were always interesting


A Rose by any other name... said...

Bo, I will ask Linda about the pineapples when I see her. If you've read the first chapter of the Good-bye Man, you will know that even at the end of his life, he was surrounded by rocks hooked up to meters and recorders.

It sounds like you knew him personally and I am sure his daughter would love to hear more about your recollections. If you would consider being interviewed, would you please send me an email at jlofton.writer at

Thank you,