Friday, July 9, 2010

Coincidence? Sure it is.

A while back, the Quonset Hut was visited by a former NSA physicist by the name of Robert (Bob) Koontz, Ph.D.  Bob wanted to let us know that he had verified the Biefied-Brown effect in his own experiment.  Later I came across another paper by Thomas B. Bahder which discounts the commonly believed idea that the BBE can be explained as ionic wind.

A bit more googling about this Mr. Bahder reveals that quantum cryptography is also an interest of his. Based on some of his publication titles, I would bet my flip-flops that he worked for the NSA at one time. Of course it is purely a coincidence that these  physicists were members of an organization  once so secret that its acronym was said to stand for No Such Agency.  Why would scientists in the employ of the most technologically advanced communications agency in the world waste their time researching the "crackpot theories" of Townsend Brown?

And poor Dr. Musha also spent years investigating these same theories. I guess he too failed to get the word that he spinning his wheels:
From 1992 to 1996, he conducted experiments to confirm the Biefeld-Brown effect solely and later cooperated with the research group of the Honda R&D institute, and obtained positive results. He also derived the formula to explain the electrogravitic effect from the weak-field approximation of Einstein's General Relativity Theory; a formula that was similar to the formula obtained by Boyko V.Ivanov, which was derived from the Weyl-Majumdar-Papapetrou solutions of the General Relativity Theory.

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