Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Preface: It's in again

The part of the book we call the Preface  has been in and out. Now it is in again.

Linda first found what she calls the " Rain on the Window" papers in the Ashlawn library when she was just a teenager. It was raining then, too, and she was in search of something to read. She remembers that the loose manuscript read like a science fiction story, but the pages didn't keep her interest for very long.  Nor did the story grab her when she encountered it again years later.. But for the seemingly  prophetic message written on one of the pages, the R.O.W.  paperswould have  been left them out of the story all together. Today, however, the Preface is in again.  As mysterious as  that message and those pages are, as inexplicable as the circumstances around them are, we can't NOT mention them. And so, for today, at least, the Preface is in again.

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