Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Missing Whys and Hows

Linda and I have been talking about secrets recently, and about the obligation that goes with them to protect certain identities. And yet, (I believe that) writers also have an obligation to the reader to tell the truth as we experience it.   These needs often conflict, but in the case of Linda's OWN story, the truth is that even she does not know the meaning behind some of the more  bizarre er...urm ,,unusual events that dance around her..Happily, we have a natural ending place for THE GOOD-BYE MAN, but the larger story is still unfolding in unexpected ways.

Garrity and J.D. each came back into her life for brief periods of time throughout the course of the writing of DEFYING GRAVITY, and then disappeared, leaving her pointed her toward some new direction, without a signpost in sight. They also influenced others to initiate or to continue with research into Dr. Brown's work.  From what I hear of the preliminary results in the various areas, they are looking encouraging.

But none of that is very helpful to the overall sense-making process that has to go into pulling the continuing-even-as-we-speak story together. The whys and hows of it still seem to be missing.

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