Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy 105, Townsend

The 18th of this month would have been Townsend's (one hundred and fifth) birthday, a day when Linda often receives special information in some form or another. The pattern ran true again but differently so this year.  Recent events sent from the realms of  high strangeness (or high consciousness or high trickery) have set up an obstacle course that only she can negotiate.

There is always the clear possibility that she/we are dealing with a master of disguise operating within an elaborate framework of deceit.  But tonight I wonder if it is not possible that we are the perpetrators of  the disguise in the way we hide ourselves from ourselves.


Geoff said...

I may not understand what you are talking about, but I sure would like to sit around your campfire and just listen. And that goes for both of us.
Love to your Mom.

Anonymous said...

Hello Rose,

I, like Geoff, wonder what your meaning is. Could you clarify your last paragraph? "To deceive" is in the same family as "to lie".


A Rose by any other name... said...

Thank you, Geoff. If you are following Linda's maze thread, then you may see a bit of what inspired this post.

Anon: In a sense,every guise we ever assumeis a lie because none of them are who WE are, but the most elaborate of deceits are those of deep cover of the type that might be carefully laid by a mole left in place for a number of years. Such a context allows one to come across as "real and genuine" and capable of passing all tests, except perhaps the scrutiny of an ex-lover.