Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Muse Leads the Dance.

I have no TTB topic for today. Blogs don't just write themselves by themselves, you know. The muse comes and goes as she will and ALWAYS leads the dance when she arrives.

In between her visits, human scribes do what we do best which is to procrastinate. Ya, we do.  A lot. I even have my procrastination techniques separated into different  mental categories, based on order of preference:

(1) High Class Procrastination (HCP)   This encompasses anything to do with writing: Visiting  agents' and authors' blogs, reading books about writing, or building databases of agents and publishers to query counts as HCP.. So does preparing drafts of all the  extraneous, but essential, book "stuff", like character lists, synopses, blurbs, queries, and proposals. To my way of thinking HCP hardly  counts as procrastination at all.

(2) Ordinary Procrastination (OP)   OP covers the everyday  routine activities like reading emails and news sites and checking in on forums. Googling odd combinations of words, like peppermint wind and fails slovenly is also Category Two Procrastination  unless said combinations relate to the topic of the latest Work in Progress, in which case this may be considered a Category One activity.)

(3) Stupid and Mindless (but sometimes necessary Procrastination (SMP) includes a variety of activities such as endless rounds of Spider,  sorting paperclips, and staring into space.SMP often sneaks into even the most productive days, usually when I pause to think of just the right word,  or an apt turn of a phrase and forgets to hit my play button again .

and, finally, there's

(4) Procrastination of the Last Resort (PLR) which covers all the have-tos of Life, like cleaning,  running errands, paying bills, etc. Generally speaking, there is always much more of  No. 4 than even the most dallying author can ever use, so today I am working on whittling down the pile.

Believe me, I would rather be dancing.

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