Saturday, May 22, 2010

Yes, Virginia, We CAN teleport people

Quantum teleportation has been much in the news lately. Meanwhile, in the Quonset Hut forum, Linda has quietly admitted to her own teleportation experience  which those of us who read DEFYING GRAVITY have known about for a while.

I find it interesting and downright synchronicious that blogger Will Sheephogan is speculating on the topic in his blog today.  You see, Will Sheephogan is the son of Bill Uhouse. Bill Uhouse, a former US Marine and a space systems flight simulator engineer, was at Cape Canaveral in the mid-fifties, and at Groom Lake later. He came forward in 1994 with a story of crash-recovered  (living) Aliens . He said had been given  permission and instructed to talk about all of the subjects he covered, except for one fact, which he had been specifically told not to divulge. That fact was the name of the ONE engineer that the off-world Kingman Crash survivors chose to lead their team of human researchers and co-workers.

On top of this there has long been a rumor in  the UFO community that Eisenhower met with representatives of an extraterrestrial race while he was president.  A retired state legislator from New England has recently come forth with testimony claiming that he saw documentation of such a meeting.  At the end of the transcript of his speech, the honorable Henry McElroy acknowledges and thanks a handful of people, of whom Mr. Uhouse  is one, for paving the way in the disclosure movement.

As if this all weren't a spicy enough stew leading us to conclude that humans are not alone in the universe, Robert Sarbacher also had a son who has said  that his father essentially admitted the same thing to him, although Dad left Sarbacher, Jr. with the impression that he was talking about his disappointment in not being chosen to work with alien BODIES, not living representatives.

So, as regards this whole teleportation thing, one might be tempted to say of Linda's story, post hoc, ergo propter hoc (I confess, I have always wanted to use that in a sentence):

"Well if she teleported it must be that we were given alien technolgoy and that is how we eapfrogged so far ahead of whatever the admitted level of applied science is today."

I would rather blame all the superpsecret advances on dead Nazis, personally. It's hard enough for the human race to get along all by our widdle self without finding out that we aren't the only fish in the cosmic sea. We just don't seem to handle Different well.

But Alien Beings in underground labs make for a helluva cover up.


Sheepy said...

Thanks for the mention and link Jan.. You surmised correctly, I'll give you a tad further for your editorial. This project had no name before the 70's all the experimentation was done with the Department of Navy until after the 70's. I was only "introduced" to it by connection with my fathers name while I was positioned at the AEC/DOE Nevada Test Site. I declined the job in its first stage of recruitment because I was scheduled for hire by the police department I served with. The project name on the Test Site at the time was named "Looking Glass" It was in its infancy. In its evolution decades later Dan Burisch /"Crain" seems to have much further detail when it expanded to S-4 from the old NERVA facility. The details as you might expect are NOT pretty. No telling what they are doing with it now, we have just begun to truly understand the nature of this in our sciences. But, let me make this perfectly clear, you can drive a car or fly a plane not knowing how it works. It's magic that ends up with the usual story of mechanized death or disfigurement. Same thing I guess as ~ lust of "Power", for those that seek without skill or true knowledge.

In good health!

Sheepy.. aka (Will Uhouse)

Geoff said...

Just freewheeling having read your ‘teleportation’ post, Rose, brought to mind a couple of things.

In the opening scenes of the ‘Intrepid’ DVD, Harry Viera recounts Sir William Stephenson telling him: “anywhere you are in the world, if you get locked up or are in jail or whatever, call me and help will be on its way.”
And in his book ‘A Fistful of Kings’, John Brotherton recounts The Reverend saying to him: “Here, I want you to have this, it’s a phone number. Use it to get hold of me if you ever find yourself in really deep shit. You call that number and they’ll know how to get me on the spot.”

Reviewing The Intrepid DVD, I now note Elizabeth Wood is quoted as saying Sir William Stephenson’s “most conspicuous ability was an inherent capacity to disappear. Swift as summer lightening he could make himself invisible”.

So I’m just musing that there may be more to the above than I first thought.


A Rose by any other name... said...

Thanks for the information, Will. I was sorry to read of your father's passing. I hope we do his memory and Townsend's honor as we uncover their hidden stories.


A Rose by any other name... said...

Geoff, I suspect that there is more to EVERY aspect of this multi-generational story than we think.

I have a research request for you and Kestrel, but I will post it over on the forum.