Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Space Watch

A certain Kiwi friend of mine has shared a photo from his collection of space oddities. All he can tell me  is that it is a shot taken by a weather satellite in the early eighties. Unfortunately he saved the picture, but did not save the source URL.

With that image in mind, I took a moment to watch an Ed Grimsley Video of an alleged space fleet in action. The video shows the night sky, as seen through night vision binoculars. I was skeptical at first...yawn, dust particles, been there seen that.  However, what appears to be an indisputably large triangle-shaped craft, traveling at a hella fast speed can clearly be seen toward the end of this clip.  I have done a bit of research on these reported sightings, and so far have not found any creditable alternate explanation.

And from another bit of space news:

Electrostatic ion engines are becoming popular in space missions.

Instead of relying on burning large amounts of heavy liquid propellant for thrust, they use solar power to ionise a small supply of xenon gas.

A high voltage applied across a pair of gridded electrodes sends the positively charged ions rushing at high speed towards the negative electrode.

Most ions pass through the grid, generating thrust.

That's about as succinct a description of Townsend Brown's "Fan" technology as I've ever read.

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