Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Book Report

"I read THE GOOD-BYE MAN during my somer vacatshun. It was good. it would have been better If it would have had sum pitchers "

Can you tell that Linda and I are back in elemetary school right now?

If you recall,  the Brown family had returned to Zanesville and that is where we last left off with the story. However, after mulling over the feedback from our sterling critics and talking it over, Linda and I have decided to back up and take another approach to that  previously published  Chapter Eight: Joseph Townsend Brown . The first part of it has been revised to include some vital information about an event that occurred before the family's departure from Hawaii, information that Linda would not learn until many years had passed.

The next two chapters are up now as well; albeit minus The Astrologer's last pass and editorial fine tuning. They are as perfect as these bleary eyes can make them.

Chapter Nine The Embassy Laundry

Chapter Ten: Helen Towt, Lessburg, Montressor

If you are a completely new reader please note that I have also added chapter links to the left hand column, to make it easier for you to access them individually.


Trickfox said...

Montressor is a deviation of the two words "Mon Tresor", which means "my Treasure", -so that ridding shool was definately an interesting bit of history.

You have to get used to the idea that Linda was writting her journals and thus all the details you two are digging up on Adamski etc. become easier to believe.


Anonymous said...

Just appreciating all the work you two are putting into these chapters!