Monday, April 12, 2010

Bearing Witness

These days most of the threads over at the Quonset Hut either take off into mathematical realms or dive  into the ponderment of the Mystery of the Green Eyed Man, the essence of which is this:

Is the green-eyed ex-hippy who professes to have fried his brains on acid, (and yet is still sharp enough to hold his own in chess games with Mikado) the very same JD who has guided the development of the  Linda & Townsend books through his direct and personal intervention?

The most simple, and grounded in reality answer  is: Yes, this chess player is indeed this same person with a foolproof cover identity.. After all, who pays attention to the comings and goings of the odd loners of the world? But, in keeping with the overall nature of this Townsend Brown story, nothing is ever simple, and  we have many shades of answers to the Mystery of the Green Eyed Man under consideration right now.  By and large, ours is a level headed bunch of analysts and engineers all educated (over-educated, some might say) in the scientific tradition of rational positivism.  We do not put forth "alternate reality" theories lightly, but we are not dismissive of them either. If  Mikado's best observational and intuitional skills tell him that there is more than one physical copy of this  JD walking the earth, then it is our scientific duty to ask when, why and how this came to be?

But for now, all any of us can say is that it has to be YOUR call, Mikado, to tell us just how anomalous you feel the situation is.

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