Monday, November 14, 2011

Musing about Miethe

After former Nazi Colonel Miethe was exiled from Egypt in the early fifties, UFO lore has him in Canada, heading up the AVRO flying saucer program. Of course rumor also has it that after the US bought the technology, it turned out to be a total bust.


Read about it here

So how does Miethe relate to Townsend, you ask?  Only in the following tangential ways:

1.Linda Brown recalls Townsend speaking of  the characteristics of "our" ufos in the period of time the AVRO prototype was being tested.

2. Linda has told Twigsnapper's account of driving up to a Russian labor camp with Sarbacher, and securing the release of a prisoner, a former German rocket scientist. (A very 'Caroline' type of operation)

3. Sarbacher and Townsend later worked closely together, with Sarbacher even accompanying Townsend to and from the airport on his journeys to France, where he was doing advanced lifter experiments.

Mix those elements together and what do you get?  That's right...a totally Miethe-less soup!

But somehow, I see him in the center of it. It makes a  certain statement when a person is important enough to be wiped from the public record.


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