Thursday, September 15, 2011

They are (NOT) just about kerfluffled out, I think.

The forum poster known as Linda Brown and the forum poster known as Mikado have (for now) reached some sort of not-so-amicable agreement and retired to their respective corners.

To sum up months of public yammering: Linda thought the Resolute Voyages nee Quonset Hut forum was hers (as in set up, paid for, and gifted to her) to make decisions with.  It wasn't. She ranted. He raged over her raving. She was banned. I forget exactly what the final why was, but  it is irrelevant, anyway.

What is important (to me) is that  the new joint offer an inviting place for people of all nations to come in and sit a while, swapping their knowledge and experiences for our stories. The energy that comes from  joining together like this in these virtual spaces drives the engines of eternal creation.

Edited on 09/18/11 to add

resigning myself to the fact that there is never going to be peace between these two, and with best wishes for all involved I have resigned from one forum and locked myself out of the other.


Anonymous said...

Hello Rose,

I'm always delighted when I see you've added to your blog.

Thank you for those links to the NRO's 50th Anniversary celebrations. I can imagine how wonderful it must be for those that worked on those satellite programs to finally be able to reveal their achievements, particularly to their families and friends.

I hope your research into the "Code Guy" is going well – shelf space has already been reserved .

Best wishes from Kestrel and me.


A Rose by any other name... said...

Thank you, My Friends. Yes, Geoff, for one day and night they got to come out of the shadows and shine for their loved ones.

I hope to hear that the creative fires continue to burn there, too. Kestrel, drop me a line, a piece of work, a wav file, a manuscript, from time to time. I'm interested and you know the addy.