Saturday, June 4, 2011

Progressing toward Perfection.

Having at last achieved the 'fresh eyes' needed to reread The Good-bye Man objectively, I can now see many sentences that could be streamlined or clarified. Yayee! The best part of writing is this stage of  putting the final, final, final finis on the words.

This newer and cleaner version will be up Monday, and will  mirror the forthcoming print edition.  If you own the ebook, you can, of course, always download later versions at no charge.


Chris said...

Well done to both of you, and great news that there is going to be a print version. Is there a print run, or is this going to be a print to order option?

Best wishes,

Chris (Kestrel/Feather)

A Rose by any other name... said...

Thank you, Chris.

This first round will be a print to order version, via "createspace." But you and your "Da" will be getting one of the first copies, complete with author signatures. Which is not nearly enough to thank you for the help and for the wonderful cover design.