Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Observations from afar

The Hut Forum Kerfluffle continues behind the scenes. Oh my.  I'm sitting on my hands with a strip of tape over my mouth  and not saying nothing to nobody.It's really much safer that way.

But the gist of what's going on as I see it, is that in her eagerness to get the discussions back on track, Linda put up some thoughts about the way it was going to be done, and who would do it, without bothering to get consensus from the crowd.. Rather than taking her suggestions as a work in progress and still open for discussion, some reacted by flinging around dictums and ultimatums and huffs.

That's fine. We all deal with shocks in our own ways. But here is what makes all of this so very interesting. Members of the Townsend Brown forums come from a  whole bunch of Alphabet agencies and they have become friends with other members.and are happy to lend an ear to any who want to vent..  But if in the process of that venting, a certain loyalty and confidentiality line is crossed--well, it might just turn out to be Juan of those days.

And apparently it did, yesterday.

(Does that help explain the echoes you hear, Navigator?)

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Anonymous said...

The Random thread addresses the issue of the Hut being Linda's forum.