Friday, March 1, 2013

What's Happening with The Good-bye Man

Although we have always thought of  Smashwords as an interim home for TGM, we have not tried to find a print publisher.  Part of the reason for the feet-dragging is that we have a shared sense that this book is really a preamble for something more.  Consequently, we flip-flop about  on  the issue of whether or not TGM should be brought to print in its current form, or be reworked as a launching point for that larger theme.  

 In any case, when the memoir does go into physical print form, several of the end notes will have to be updated. We would also like to incorporate several photographs in the print version. Readers of this blog are typically techno-woo-woos who come across this story while engaged in grail quests of  their own.  In addition to having high IQs most are highly intuitive and have found this place and the book by following their psychic noses through the morass of the Internet.   The amount of information such people can absorb from looking at a photograph extends beyond the visible content. Perhaps even beyond words. 

I have called Linda's story 'the never-ending story.' Just as interesting developments continue to unfold for her,  knowledge and insights seem to flow freely to those who have taken up a part of it for research. This is a wonderful thing if you are an inventor, a mathematician or a scientist, but not so wonderful for those of us who are writers of the narrative. The arc of the story gets very long and muddled and its hard to see where to cut it.

So to those of you who have asked what's happening with The Good-Bye Man, the best answer I can give is that we are talking about it.

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