Thursday, February 14, 2013

Townsend and The Starseed Transmissions

Among all of the loose ends in Townsend's history, one of the most riddling is how he came to be in possession of part or all of a record breaking New Age best seller..

The following is a summation of the events relating to this, as told in he memoir.

Linda found the manuscript among her father's effects after his death in 1965 (typo) 1985.  He left a note on it, saying "Daugher, these words are as true as the rain on the window above your head." There was no title page or author's name on it and, of course, she /hoped it was something he had written, but it was not Townsend's style at all.

It seemed  to be some sort of science fiction story. Since Linda  is  not given to metaphysical or nrew age readings,it did not resonate with her. She recalls that thinking that it was the same manusript she had pulled out of the family bookshelf, in 1963,and rejected then, too.

She put the manuscript away with the rest of Townsend's papers and did not bring it out again until 2003, when she began to work with Townsend's biographer, Paul Schatzkin.  During that mult-year process, J.D., a character from her past and someone that she believed to be dead,  re-entered her life and directed her to bring this manuscript to their next meeting, where he spread the pages out for review and then took most of  them away, leaving only a few behind.

I found those pages among some loose papers in Linda's office. They stood out from Townsend's because they appeared to produced by a 1980s dot matrix.printer. Everything else in the files is either typewritten or handwritten. When I Googled a paragraph from them, the search returned The StarSeed Transmissions. which was then available on SribD.

The text in the remaining pages corresponds to chunks from the first half of the book. Part of that narrative is that the Transmissions would be delivered in three waves over a twenty year period of time and that the last wave would target those most difficult to reach.

There is some evidence that this did occur as dicted, post- and pre-.. Timothy Leary's Starseed Conspiracy would have been the predecessor  and some of controversial Tehachipi Psychic Doris Ekker's channelings lifulfilled the last among her works can be found, word for word,  at least one bit of the Starseed text (Creation, the Sacred Universe: The Incubation of the Phoenix,Chapter 15,Rec #2 Hatton,Nov 13, 1990). There may be more correlating quotes but this type of channeling does not ring my chimes and I'm not inclined to search for them.

Without knowing whether or not Linda ever had the entire Starseed manuscript in her possession, or why parts of it were taken away or left behind, I really don't know what to make of all this. . Are we dealing with PsyOPS or PsyINT? Or both?

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