Friday, February 22, 2013

Thank you, Ray.

While I was slaving over my last blog post, my friend Raymond (PeeTee), who is working with the Kitselman family, was concurrently posting Beau's complete CV, written when he was 64 years old. (It is available here, to registered users.) I find it VERY informative, and will be writing about some of the highlights, as I collect more information.

In the meantime, speaking of Rays and before we leave off  wallowing in psychics,Mark Probert published a small booklet entitled The Magic Bag, in which he drew and described the cast of characters that he channeled.  For the record, "RA", someone else's channeled character, has vetted this group and compared them to the Council of Nine, who were Pujarich's "friends."

Anyway, As I read the bios of the Controls who spoke through Probert, it seemed to me as if I almost know this Raymond Natalli fellow. Wonder why that is?

Ramond Natalli

"This personality was born in 1598 and died in 1652.  He was an astronomer and belonged to the Royal House of Astronomy at Rome, Italy.  He was a student of law, a close friend of the famous Galileo, and secretly fought the bloody hand of the Inquisition.  He was himself an agnostic.  He was pleasantly surprised to discover he had survived physical death, and continued to pursue his astronomical studies on the astral.  After being in the astral for about two years he discovered two things of great interest: (1) that sun spots were atomic storms and that (2) atoms consist of photons of varied frequency levels moving in a series of quantum arcs."


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