Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dead End or Lead In?

As I mentioned the other day, I chased down an empty rabbit hole when I set out to determine whether or not Beau had authored this  "Memorandum of Importance," on the UFO subject.

Though my chase ended at the Borderland Sciences Institute, the REALLY interesting thing is that the chase ended at the Borderland Sciences Institute. Meade Layne had a great interest in the workings of gravity and the ether. He wrote about them during his lifetime, and his institute continues to put these topics in public eyes, on public comprehension levels.

The Institute was the 1997 publisher of Gerry Vassilatos'  alt-sci/pop-sci compendium, Lost Science, which introduced the work Tesla, Moray, Rife, and others to a new generation of quizzical readers.  Chapter 7  is a fabled biography of "Tom" Brown. Though Vassilatos' narrative is a mixture of known facts, oft-repeated "facts," outright errors and unsubstantiated claims, it demonstrates the level of myth, mystery, and mystique that surround Townsend's life and work.

As for the Memo, until I saw it, I had never before heard the term 'Flying Roll'. At first I thought it was a squadron flight shedule, then, after reading I thought that it was meant to conjure an image of the flying device described= in the  Memorandum Addendum at the bottom of the page.  This week I learned that it is taken from Zechariah 5:2:
I looked again, and there before me was a flying scroll.
He asked me, “What do you see?”
I answered, “I see a flying scroll, twenty cubits long and ten cubits wide.
Friend Cat, who often has symbolic precognitive dreams, posted this one about Raymond just last weekend, a day or so before I dug the Memo up for re-examination.
He was in a top secret hospital, but Linda, Rose, and I were able to sneak in to see him. I had a a very feisty black kitten named Zack, in my nursing bag. It was very important that we smuggle Zack in. We were of secondary importance. It was vital that we get Zack in there. I handed Zack to Raymond. Zack dug his claws into Raymond's right forearm, which started bleeding profusely. While Linda and I were trying to stop the bleeding, Raymond's heart stopped. We couldn't call for help, because we weren't supposed to be there. In the meantime, Zach had returned to my nursing bag, and Rose was carefully observing the events. Linda and I were doing CPR, but it wasn't working. I finally gave Raymond's chest a precordial thump, meaning I slammed my fist into his chest, and yelled "Come back PeeTee, mon amour." He opened his eyes then, and was fime. There was no eveidence of the injury to his arm, and he just smiled at us. We returned to our black surveillance van and left.
I laughed at the thought of the three of us cruising the streets in a black surveillance van, "Mission Implausible" theme blasting from all speakers.  It has since dawned on me that Zack is actually a nickname for Zechariah.  I have seen the Hebrew translated as both, as "laughter; the Lord recalled" or as "God has remembered."  Either way, I'll take the success of our 'mission" as a good omen for all members of the Order of the Cat People.

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The Order of the Cat People? My first tarot deck, which, I still have and use, was The Tarot of the Cat People.