Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bill Uhouse on the Kingman Crash

Every UFOcionado knows the story of the Kingman Crash and the controversies that surround it. Few know that Bill Uhouse, Flight Simulator Engineer, claimed to have witnessed it as well.

It was he who first mentioned that an entity named J- or Jayrod, had been recovered from the crash controlled landing. Bill first told his story to Glenn (not the singer) Campbell, editor of the Groom Lake Desert Rat,  April 24, 1995. I think Bill was nearing retirement or newly retired at the time, and did not want his name to be known so the source of this story is given as "Jarod." ,  Upon rereading the story, I see that the pseudonym was picked to protect Bill from tha hounding of zealous UFOnatics.
The reason for contact almost 6 years after the Roswell incident was recalled as follows: The vessel that fell in Arizona in 1953 contained four entities; two were disabled and two were reasonably well but somewhat confused. (The visitors monitoring the retrieval activities noted with much pleasure the humane treatment provided to those involved.)

All entities were later taken to Facility X for medical treatment and tests. Additionally, before leaving the scene, the two that were standing upright were allowed to re-enter the vessel. They entered the craft and disappeared from view. Some time had passed before exiting; it was later assumed that they were communicating with the monitoring craft.
....A particular item came to light as an anecdote: A member of the initial entry crew happened to be a fighter pilot. When asked if he would like to be part of the crew on the second attempt at reentry, without much hesitation he said, "I would rather take a rocket ship to Hell than to go back inside that craft." So it was a major item that had to be considered in the plan. It became paramount what the first item was: Establish a communications link with the boys. The boys had their own agenda: They were busily doing their own analysis of items provided in the quarantine area. This included food, facilities and us. It began to appear that we were the captees and they were the captors.
The entities, referred to now as the "boys," were secured in a medical facility that was manned by doctors, bioastronautic physicists, chemists and linguist. Initially, communications were limited to basic sign language. The first significant communication was between the bioastronautic engineer and the tallest entity of the four, who was dubbed 'Smiling Eyes.'
This happening pleased the people in charge, but what ensued created a dilemma: The boys wanted to return to their vessel. After much deliberation, it was agreed to take them to the Nevada Test Site where the vessel was now located. They, the boys, were pleased upon inspection of the vessel's condition. The hatch was reopened for their entry. The four filed in. After a few minutes, the hum was silenced. 'Smiling Eyes' came out and went directly to the bioastronautic engineer requesting his presence in the craft.
The team leader gave the okay and the two entered. After some time passed, both made their exit. The engineer looked well and smiling. The final outcome of this process was good news for the management. A request was made by the leader of the boys that they be housed at the Test Site, and they made additional requests for material, equipment and literature. So began a new era.
.... Selection of personnel in the organization was directed by the visitors. The leader was named to be the bioastronomical engineer who first made contact; his name cannot be told at this time. You cannot imagine the situation this caused. It was like putting a private in charge of the generals. Nearly all appointments were selected from the science field. 
This story begins with Issue 24 , and continues with Issue 28, and Issue 33

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