Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Beau, Lokas and Talas

Townsend's BFF,  A.L. "Beau" Kitselman started out as one of the most interesting.side stories in a story with a plethora of interesting side stories.  This old post summarizes everything I knew of him at the time, from Linda, from one of his daughters, and from reading the monograph entitled The Time Teachers, in which he explains how his mystical quest came about.

Beau's  study of ancient manuscripts was part of his search for the source of  the  prescient knowledge he had discovered. He would soon conclude that succh things are possible because we live in nesting universes.  As he presented them to Long, twenty years later, .we are part of  "the Universal Mind on the lowest of several indeterminate levels of ever higher-ranging Universal Minds."

Hindus call these multilevel regions lokas and talas," the bipolar, interpenetrating spheres
The seven lokas (a Sanskrit term meaning world, a vast space), being the higher ranges or heavenly aspects of these various regions, are inhabited by spiritually creative beings; while the talas (Sanskrit, lower part, or base) being the more material and therefore "hellish" aspects, are populated by less conscious creatures who function as builders, sustainers, and destroyers of bodies and forms.(5)
These writings, and those of the Greeks, mention the fact that all living beings periodically "descend" into material realms in order to unfold and develop the full gamut of their qualities and talents. Interestingly, it is on Earth, in this lowest loka-tala — which has been referred to as the antipodes (or hell) because of the suffering experienced — that souls awaken and begin to express mental and spiritual qualities that enable them to progress self-consciously upwards.

Remember Lokas and Talas for tomorrow's installment.

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