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A.L. Kitselman: Hippie, Huna, Mystic

Max Freedom Long's Secret Science Behind Miracles is still in publication, but his Huna* Movement attracted little attention in its early days.However, Beau Kitselman, who had lived in Hawaii, found it worth pursuing. Not only was Beau a certified genius, a mathematician-crypto wizard and a linguist, he also had an abiding interest in psychological healing, and in enabling people to find a way to become integrated and within themselves.


It was Beau who introduced E-Therapy to the Huna practitioner's tool kit.  Beginning with Huna Bulletin 89, November 1, 1952, Long's newsletters  would doument the evolution of this proess. Beau had broken off relations with L. Ron Hubbard by then and, using Hawaiian names for the lower and higher selves, he describes how his therapy differs from Hubbard's Dianetics.
Through light suggestion, Mr. Kitselman hopes to enable the Aunihipili of the one being helped  to make contact with his Aumakua “E” in a much shorter time and in a more complete way. As I understand it, this will be the only use to which suggestion will be put. For some time, despite the effort made in early Dianetics processing to avoid even a touch of suggestion, it has been believed by many that it could not be avoided so long as one person was relaxed to a great extent while his guide was mentally driving him to recall memories which would reveal “engrams.”

The early experiments with the use of the Indian practice of eating the narcotic peyote buttons to release the Aunihipili are being continued with the refined narcotic element, under proper supervision, and tests are being made to learn whether or not this may assist one to get into contact with the “E” more rapidly, or to get instructions in dreams, visions or through symbols from the Aumakua.
Mushrooms! Beau was a Hippy before hippies were old enough to walk! His Mom and (soon-to-be-ex) wife would soon conspire to put him on a allowance before he could blow the family fortune on turning his Pyramid Lake Ranch into a healing retreat center.

As a diligent student of hard-earned enlightenment, he was not  at all pleased with the excessive claims to the production of 'perfect clears' made by the L. Ron Hubbard .
... when I was Executive Officer of the Hubbard Foundation in Honolulu, we had it straight from headquarters that fifty ‘clears’ had been produced before September of 1950, and one of them was put in charge of our branch of the Foundation. It is so easy to make claims. I have met most of the leading lights in both Dianetics and E-Therapy, and it is my sad duty to report that I do not know of any ‘clears’ produced by revery therapy alone, whether by Dianetics, psychotherapy, E-Therapy or hypno-therapy. Good ‘releases’ may be so produced, but stable clears are produced only by the age-old techniques of disidentifying such as are found in the teachings of Kapila, Krishna, Lao Tzu, Buddha, Christ, and Krishnamurti. I know a number of such clears, but they were not produced by revery-therapy....Kitselman to Long,(Huna Bulletin 90, Nov 15, 1952).

He continues, describing his disenchantment with Hubbard.
...There is a voice within me – a demon circuit, maybe? or an injected entity? – which keeps suggesting that Mr. Hubbard is a reincarnation of Madame Blavatsky. Of course, I keep saying, ‘Preposterous! Go back where you came from, foul imp!’ but the voice answers, ‘Just look at the facts. Both taught former lives, different races of beings, planetary incarnations, exaltation of super-beings; both complained of being persecuted and misunderstood; both received and dispensed revelations; both were world-travelers; both were disarmingly candid in evaluating their own importance, and both followed the same pattern of professional conduct.’ Can anyone free me from this obsession?
(Signed) A.L. Kitselman

Huna, as practiced by Long,  incorporated the use of a 'biometer' to measure certain invisible qualities of an individual. In Bulletin 97 of March, 1953, Long states that he has been given Beau's "signature," presumably  his measurement profile. (By this time,beau now bears the title of Huna Research Associate)..
HRA A.L. Kitselman, inventor of “E Therapy,” dropped in on me and left his signature. I already have an early reading for him, and as he is taking his own medicine steadily, we should soon be able to find out in terms of the biometer what progress he has made and in what directions.
Beau must have found a way to control his obsession with Hubbard, for in Issue 104 of July 1953, Long reports:
Mr. Kitselman has been making extensive studies of the teachings of great world teachers and preparing a series of lecture tapes which may be had for individual or class instruction. During this intensive study he has also had much “E Therapy” processing. I was greatly interested to find, upon running a Biometric test for him, that since March 9th of this same year, he has retained the perfect “will” pattern which he then had, but has made his circle or personality pattern much larger and stronger and almost perfectly round. His brain radiation count, which was 409, has risen to 430, a really amazing rise for so short a period.

I have a feeling that all of Beau's self-analysis work paid off mightily for him. In Bulletin 105, of 1953 Long summarizes,
By the way, the notation in Bulletin 104, in which I said that Mr. Kitselman was anticipating a possible “Second Coming,” calls for additional comment. The “E” was the real “Second Coming” which Mr. Kitselman had in mind as a primary happening for each individual – a form of baptism of fire in which full contact is restored with the Aumakua as an individual which is also, paradoxically, a very part and parcel of the Great Company of na Aumakua (Po`e Aumakua) or, if you prefer, the Universal Mind on the lowest of several indeterminate levels of ever higher-ranging Universal Minds.
Simplified Version. The Second Coming happens individually and is marked by the descent of the Holy Spirit. This event opens the channels of coummunication with the Higher Self. It also initiates one into a community of like souls representing the Universal Mind at work on our level of existence.

Beau has been called 'a glorious eccentric,' but I think he was something even more wonderful and rare. I would call him one glorious mystic.

*For an overview of the Huna Philosophy and MFL, please see this student's explanation.

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