Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Adamski, this time with a quote from my favorite Kiwi.

Yesterday I had Part 3 of my latest series on Beau almost ready to go. It has disappeared from my draft folder, and this (old) one has come to the top. Appropriate in view of Harry Drew:s Kingman Crash report, discussed in a recent post.

It must be time to revisit this once again, so I am posting for the record.

A few weeks after the follwing content was first posted here, a gentleman who has given me nothing but good advice suggested I repost it and append the quotes that now follow.. It seems to me that is now time to do that.

The UFO Iconoclast has revived the Adamski discussion.  I think most posters in the information rich discussion that follows  would say his photos were faked, but the single most important point is buried many replies down:

Why DID he choose the shapes and designs he used? There's something else going on in the whole Adamski thing... What that something is makes for an interesting study, if one can get by the excoriation heaped upon the charlatanry of Mr. Adamski.

And why DID Townsend have Chip's father draw sketches of the photos when the book came out?

And now, the addendum, courtesy of ARC:
 To discredit something that does not exist, leaves one looking foolish.

To discredit something that might exist, labels one a proverbial hoaxer.

To discredit something that does exist, takes a complex mix of intricately crafted misdirection and ongoing deception, and people who are willing to play the role of sacrificial lamb in order to cover with apparent charlatan actions a deeper and more fundamentally solid truth. Such people must be acknowledged for their contribution in holding the gate closed while the press stalked the streets, ignorant of the mechanics of a good story, floating beneath their very nose.

In tribute to G.Adamski, another keeper of the flame.

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