Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Kitselman Home

Brett has provided this picture of the Kitselman home in La Jolla, as it looks today.

If any readers recognize this home or recall visiting it either as adults or children between the mid fifties and the mid eighties, please let one of us hear from you.


Raymond Lavas said...


I am looking for Beau's works

Suzette Kitselman said...

I grew up in the house that Brett Hardcastle has posted here. I'm A.L.Kitselman's daughter. You asked for us to contact you if we know anything about the house. Why?

A Rose by any other name... said...

Hello, Suzette.

I thought perhaps you had. I recall some of the memories you shared of going to work at UCSD with Beau, when you were very small. IIRC, he was the head of the first computer lab there.

From what I have gathered, you all had some interesting visitors from time to time and I believe that many of those visitor were, like Beau, very, very inside on the early Black Ops programs.

And, as you know, there is a renewed interest in Beau's unique role in the evolution of both Scientology and Max Freedom Long's Huna Society, so perhaps there might be a whole other set of visitors worth uncovering.

Do you know when your family first bought the home?

Suzette Kitselman said...

Hi Rose,
I'm not really sure what the purchase of our family home has to do with our visitors or my father's work. My father was not involved in Scientology. He knew L. Ron Hubbard when they both worked at Dianetics in Hawaii for a few months in the early 50's. Neither man wanted their work to be linked with the other's work. E-Therapy is not dianetics.