Monday, July 16, 2012

Thank you, Brett.

Brett Hardcastle has many wonderful stories to tell about Beau and Beau's wide circle of friends, and he has given me permission to share as I see fit.  First, the ones you blog readers are most interested in;

Brett met Townsend Brown once, in a meeting which we have yet to discuss, but he recalls seeing the "MHD" fan technology demonstrated. He recalls that it had the ability to pick up the sound of someone scratching their head from across the room.This indicates that the "fans" were being used as microphones (which would be the first first-hand account of such that I have encountered).  He described them as like a tiny, flat pair of Levilor (sp?) speakers. Beau told them they had an operating range of 5 -250,000 cycles.

The Merlin program,to which Brett referred in his first message, was a scientific computing program using algorithms based on ring series calculus. It  reduced the time to calculate a Moon trajectory shot on an IBM mainframe down from 9 hours to 15 minutes and was used in Lockheed's engineering group for ten years with no one above the Department knowing about it. The software was placed on the Lockheed computers, by a Mr. Prince, who never bothered to advise the company of its exhistence. (I will research this person and ssee what turns up.

Beau estimated that Merlin could save the government something on the order of $90 billion a year in processing costs, but said that he would rather give his work away  than to see it co-opted by a corporation like Lockheed. (While $90 billion is peanuts in the U.S. budget now, it was real money in the Seventies!)  Accordingly,
And of all the men on earth, there was one that Beau admired the most

Brett noticed that  Beau kept a small book In a telephone alcove with  the curious title, You Are the World.   Brett finally asked who that Krishnamurti author was and Beau replied, "The only living Ten."

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