Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Department Head's Name....

As promised, I have researched the name of the department head that Brett provided. In 1954, Robert Prince was the Lockheed man brought in to help to develop their analog computing department (Lockheed Aircraft - Missile System Division, in Computer Vignettes by Bob Bemer). In 1962, he spoke about design opitmization at the Conference on Engineering Design Education.

It is  quite possible that he was also this  Robert Prince   from Seattle, who studied history and economics at Stanford, and went on to be decorated for his heroism in the rescue of the Cabanatuan POW camp residents   An economics background makes an ideal entry point to scientific computing, and engineering optimization.  However, this Robert Prince was said to have spent his life "marketing Washington Apples."  Suuuuure, he did.

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