Sunday, February 12, 2012

Today's Harvest

Three items of note:

Clive Backster has been mentioned elsewhere in forum discussions recently. Linda recalls seeing his early research in action at the Standford Research Institute.

A better summation of the V-2 Rocket research program at White Sands Proving Ground.  This makes one point clear. The cameras on the rockets actually filmed the appearance of UFOs in their near airspace.  Now, I'm still not convinced that the ET explanation is the only one that fits.

I know the Navy had  been called upon to bring in one of their advanced portable RADAR stations, reportedly to collect better data on the behavior of these anomalous objects.It is also entirely possible, in my oh so spacious brain, to think that the portable RADAR might have had another function, and the UFOs were visual illusions generated via the Navy's latest electronic counter-measures system.

And finally, in a more recent article from the Iconoclast, why UFOlogy as a field of study will never get anywhere.

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