Thursday, February 23, 2012

Beware the Ides of April

My husband (The Astrologer) recently pointed out two highly active, potentially troublesome dates in our near future. Now, I  see that John Townley reports a disturbing correspondence between the time Mars Retrograde turns direct and the timing of several famous suprise attacks.  But TA and I take nothing as foreordained, have seen other dates, ominous and great alike, come and gounnoted. The world ticks on unaware that some big cogs just shifted smoothly into a higher gear.

It is interesting however, to see how jittery everyone is acting in this run-up period. Linda tells me that a devastating explosive technology developed for the CIA is in Israeli hands. But street rumor also has it that the Iranians are prepared to initiate or to respond in kind with a different killing technology of their own. Somebody needs to kava-kava those itchy-fingered cowboys for the next two months or so.

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