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Bells , Breeders, and Townsend Brown

 NOTE: This post was republished as Bells and Betatrons on July 18, 2012.

An ATS poster by the name of Sy.Gunson developed a well-supported argument about the true purpose of Die Glocke, aka the Nazi Bell  which is often portrayed in the UFO community as evidence that the Germans  had an operational flying saucer program. Gunson thinks otherwise.

The Nazi Bell was a Uranium 233 breeder

Four Bells were in use  toward the end of the war, for different Strategic Weapons programs. Two of them fell to the Americans.  One, which caused the foo-fighter effect, (Ball lightning again?) had been used in a particle beam weapon system. The Americans grabbed that one. The other they stripped of  critical parts and left for the French to take home with them..

Ping. Ping. 

Inside every Townsend Brown story resides another story.  Here's a big one and it's  going to take us a long way from Die Glocke, but have faith. We will get back to it in the end.

Townsend's trips to Paris were set up in 1955 and '56 for the purpose of Gravitics consulting. But while in Paris, he was also photographed with a very pleased Mr. Twigsnapper and (presumably) some of Twig's  "boys."  Linda's copy of this photo is pencil-noted (back upper left corner) with Morning of the Magicians author Jacques Cornillion's French Resistance I.D. code. This seems to indicate that there were at least three  nations represented in that moment and maybe four, if those  young men are East German Sailors.
This photo, we have been told, is directly related to the Buster Crabb disappearance from the Portsmouth Harbor the next month.  And until just recently, I have assumed that this missing diver was the  only hidden story relating to the Paris trip(s), but I have since learned a few things about the charactesrs that make me realize the possible depth of The French Connection.

It has been said Helen Towt, the young woman who became Linda's friend and mentor, was instrumental  in helping  to arrange for Townsend to make those Paris trips...and that Twigsnapper was so grateful for that help that he gave her a leather jacket in gratitude, the one she was wearing on the day Linda first saw her, at the end of 1954. Odd, I thought, for someone to be so grateful for something that would not come about until the next year. Unless-- Townsend's first Paris trip was not Townsend's first trip to Paris?

Helen Towt's father was a 'well-known' antiques dealer. And, although he denied ever owning a Georgetown home (holding precious antiques that Townsend, Jo, Helen and Linda rescued by canoe in the Potomoc flood of 1956),  we know that buying and selling antiques was a lifelong vocation for the Cornillion's. Might that have been an ideal cover  for facilitating communications and activities between Townsend and the French?

The correspondence from Jacques Cornillion  encouraging his employers to sign TTB to a research contract appears  to be the next level of that cover, as he fails to inform his employer that Townsend and Jo lived in his Georgetown house for most of 1954, while Townsend was operating the Embassy Laundry.

What it might it be covering might well be  something the French were doing with their Bell/Betratron/whatever at that time. Some say the US found no evidence of Nazi atomic research programs at the end of the war. Others say we did not know what we found.  But it it is safe to say is that General Groves' Alsos team  had first pickings of what was left in the wake of the German retreat and whatever they found is likely classified from now until doomsday.

However  any French developments with their recovered and rebuilt Bell would have been of great interest here in the States. If the work seemed to be bearing fruit, if  the French  were doing any sort of uranium breeding,  it might have been time to send in the "independent consultant," while laying a false trail of explanation for the FBI, Soviet Moles, and anyone else who was looking.

Townsend could have been there to pick up leaked intelligence on their isotope separation progress, or perhaps he was sent to facilitate it. On the other hand,  given the tenor of the times and the leaky sieve the French were suspected of being, it might equally be the case that his mission was to slow their process down or even leave them some intentional misdirection.

Wheels within wheels, knowing nothing for certain I keep all possibilities in play. Sometimes, circular logic is the only kind that works.

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